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Life, Career of Daryle Busch Honored in Special Issue of Chemistry Journal

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For more than 56 years, Daryle Busch, Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kansas, has inspired numerous students and colleagues with his pioneering research career and generous spirit. 

To honor Busch’s contributions as a scientist and to celebrate his 80th birthday a special issue of the journal Coordination Chemistry Reviews recently devoted an entire volume to his life and work. 

“Although many professors are intelligent, generous and kind, few have shaped their fields of study and earned the respect and friendship of both their colleagues and students to the extent that Daryle has,” write Professors Rebecca Roesner, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Elena Rybak-Akimova, Tufts University in the preface.

The volume contains an interview with Busch and 17 review articles authored by his former students, postdocs, friends and colleagues.  Several reviews reference Busch’s research early in his career on macrocyclic ligand chemistry.  Two reviews represent his more recent scientific contributions at the Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis or CEBC, of which Busch is Deputy Director.

In the interview with Joseph Heppert, professor of chemistry at KU, Busch said, “Personally I’m a relentless advocate of catalytic oxidations and that subject is a substantial fraction of the research at CEBC.” 

Coordination Chemistry Reviews
Volume 254, Issues 15-16, August 2010
The Life and Career of Daryle H. Busch: - "The Compleat Coordination Chemistry"

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