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Protecting and Licensing New Inventions

At CEBC, our industry-driven, industry-focused mindset fosters a culture that values the protection of intellectual property. We understand that this is essential for moving new ideas out of the lab and into the marketplace.  It not only spurs economic opportunities, it accelerates the speed at which cleaner, safer technologies are adopted for the benefit of society.

While federal and state initiatives are underway to support university-industry partnerships, CEBC has been at the forefront of this endeavor since its inception in 2003.  Our successful collaboration model has proven valuable to company partners—leading to multiple sponsored research projects and company-leased space on-site. 

Our researchers are assisted with IP protection and management by an Industrial Liaison Director and by skilled professional staff at the University of Kansas Innovation and Collaboration.

Strong track record

To date, 17 patents have been issued based on novel research at CEBC. Several inventions have been licensed to private companies for a defined field of use. In addition, 55 invention disclosures have been filed.  For more information, contact CEBC's Industrial Liaison Director.

List of patents issued:

  1. "Depolymerization of lignin using metal incorporated mesoporous silicate catalysts," B. Subramaniam; A. Ramanathan; K. Y. Nandiwale; A. M. Danby; R. V. Chaudhari. US Patent 9,994,601 (issued 6/12/2018)
  2. "Spray oxidation process for producing 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid from hydroxymethylfurfural," B. Subramaniam; X. Zuo; D. H. Busch; P. Venkitasubramaniam. US Patent 9,586,923 (issued 3/17/2017)
  3. "Spray process for selective oxidation," Subramaniam, B.; Busch, D. H.; Niu, F. U.S. Patent 9,238,608 (issued 1/19/2016)
  4. "Alkylene epoxidation with mesoporous catalysts," Subramaniam, B.; Ramanathan, A.; Ghanta, M.; Yan, W. U.S. Patent 9,233,944 (issued 1/12/2016)
  5. "Catalyst system and process for converting glycerol to lactic acid," Chaudhari, R. V.; Subramaniam, B.; Roy, D. S. U.S. Patent 9,085,521 (issued 7/21/2015)
  6. "Polymer-supported transition metal catalyst complexes and methods of use," Tunge, J.; Subramaniam, B.; Fang, J.; Jana, R. U.S. Patent 8,921,486 (issued 12/30/2014)
  7. "Single solvent gas expanded hydroformylation process," Subramaniam, B.; Chaudhari, R. V.; Sarkar, B. U.S. Patent 8,822,734 (Issued 9/2/2014)
  8. "Ozonolysis reactions in liquid CO2 and CO2-expanded solvents," Subramaniam, B.; Busch, D.; Danby, A. M.; Binder, T. P. U.S. Patent 8,801,939 (Issued 8/12/2014)
  9. "Ozonolysis reactions in liquid CO2 and CO2-expanded solvents," Subramaniam, B.; Busch, D. H.; Danby, A. M.; Binder, T. P. U.S. Patent 8,425,784 (Issued 4/23/2013)
  10. "Polyol hydrogenolysis by in-situ generated hydrogen," Chaudhari, R. V.; Roy, D. S.; Subramaniam, B. U.S. Patent 8,415,511 (Issued 4/9/2013)
  11. "Oxygen binding on nanoparticulate metal complexes," Subramaniam, B.; Borovik, A. S.; Johnson, C. A. U.S. Patent 8,268,048 (Issued 9/18/2012)
  12. "Nanometal catalysis for polyol hydrogenolysis," Chaudhari, R. V.; Roy, D. S.; Subramaniam, B. U.S. Patent 8,252,963 (Issued 8/28/2012)
  13. "Cobalt-catalyzed oxidations in volumetrically expanded liquids by compressed gases," Givens, R.; Ma, C. C.; Busch, D. H.; Subramaniam, B.; Rajagopalan, B. U.S. Patent 8,115,029 (2/14/2012)
  14. "Process for selective oxidation of olefins to epoxides," Subramaniam, B.; Busch, D. H.; Lee, H.-J.; Ghanta, M.; Shi, U.S. Patent 8,080,677 (Issued 12/20/2011)
  15. "Process for selective oxidation of olefins to epoxides," Busch, D. H.; Subramaniam, B.; Lee, H.-J.; Shi, T.-P. U.S. Patent 7,649,101 (Issued 1/19/2010)
  16. "Microbial Sulfoxidation and Amidation of Beta-Sulfanyl Carboxylic Acid," H. Olivo; A. Osario-Lozada. U.S. Patent 7,553,646 (2009)
  17. "Tuning product selectivity in catalytic hydroformylation reactions with carbon dioxide expanded liquids," Subramaniam, B.; Tunge, J.; Jin, H.; Ghosh, A. U.S. Patent 7,365,234 (Issued 4/29/2008)

Staying informed

Tutorials are given annually to faculty and students by patent attorneys and technology transfer officers. These tutorials reinforce the best practices for identifying and protecting potential IP, as well as for searching the patent literature. A companion IP policy handbook (pdf) is also issued to all CEBC personnel.

Learn more

Our IP continues to entice company partnerships.  Corporate members receive privileged access to science and technology advances from the core projects along with priority IP licensing opportunities.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member and/or CEBC technologies, please contact CEBC's Industrial Liaison Director


CEBC Calendar

February 6, Tuesday - CEBC Colloquium
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9:00 a.m., CEBC Seminar Room (Bldg B Rm 104), 1501 Wakarusa Drive, Lawrence, KS
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February 12, Wednesday - Mandatory Safety Meeting 
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April 6 & 7 - Industry and Science Advisory Boards Spring Meeting
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